Sunday, March 23, 2008

Nick Who?

Who is Nick Russian? If you Google the name Nick Russian it goes to some model dude that looks like he could be a porn star. Being an ego maniac I just assumed that I was the only one, and then one day at Costco the checker dude tells me that he had just rung up a customer before me with the same name. Thinking that something was wrong about that I immediately went to the customer service counter to complain about someone possibly pretending to be me. They told me that there was another Nick Russian as well as other individuals with the last name Russian registered on the East Coast. I told them (in a half assed tone of voice and not believing) that I had relatives back East which explained the other Russian's.
I am Nick E. Russian and I have no claim to fame other than the fact that I am forever cursed with the cancerous blood of being a skateboarder from a non existing generation. The whole generation X shit was too media fabricated, Gen X is always going on with every generation era.
Long live the Queen
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